Five Dog Breeds

Belgian Malinois

Chien de Berger Beige


            The Belgian Malinois got its name from the city it 
            originated in: Malines/Mechelen. The Belgian Malinois 
            was bred to be working dogs, adept at livestock herding   
            and guarding. They tend to be easily trainible, but 
            persisent owners are needed. Affectionate, playful 
            and good with kids. These dogs shed a LOT, grooming 
            every week is recommended. 

            The average life expectancy is around 12.5 years, 
            the average weight is around 60lbs, and the average 
            height is around 24in. Fur colors can be shades of 
            brown and shades of brown with black.

            They are exeptionally intelligent, trainable dogs, 
            known to be loving with their owners/families. They 
            serve as good watchdogs, but they aren't aggressive 
            enough to be guard dogs. Only suitable for an extremely  
            active home, and these dogs are happiest in a one dog 
            Historically, the breed was the preferred type of Belgian Shepherd in its homeland. They were most 
            often used for detecting explosives, accelerants -for arson investigations- and illegal drugs. They 
            also make great search and rescue dogs. Evidentely one of the most reliable working dogs; they are 
            most often used for herding, sledding, tracking, and in obedience competitions. They are a big choice 
            for police and army/military because of their strong tracking skills. They were recognized by the 
            American Kennel Club in 1959. 
            This breed is not known to have any specific health issues.

            More detailed information can be found at American Kennel Club.