Five Dog Breeds

Bully Kutta

Pakistani Mastiff / Sindh Mastiff / Bohlie Kutta


            The Bully Kutta, nicknamed the Beast from the East,
            is a large, powerful dog. They are under the umbrella 
            term, Guardian, a guard dog. This dog can be best trained 
            by a professional and someone who can make sure the dog 
            understands who the leader is. Though they are guard dogs, 
            they are quite affectionate, and good with people and other 
            dogs. Hardly any grooming is required. 

            The average life expectancy is around 9 years, average weight   
            is around 100+lbs, and the average height is around 30in. Fur 
            colors can be black, white, brown, tan, or brown/tan with black. 

            The dog is best suited for a household that will rigorously 
            train and socialize it. With a responsible owner, this dog can 
            be an intensely loyal pet. The dog requires a lot of space and 
            a lot of walks/exercise. 
            This dog's origin is blurry and has many theories. A popular theory is the dog is a result 
            of interbreeding of a mastiff-type dog already present in Pakistan or Inida, with Mastiffs, 
            Bull Terriers, etc, that British soldiers brought with them when Britain conquered the 
            subcontinent. Another theory, the dog was bred in areas of Sindh, hence the alternative name 
            Sindh Mastiff. Although the dog was breed to be a guard dog, they are also used in illegal 
            dog fighting. The American Kennel Club has recognized this type of dog as a "bully" type but 
            they do not have a seperate page for the Bully Kutta.
            This breed is generally healthy but can be prone to developing arthritis, blindness, and bloating.