Five Dog Breeds

Australian Cattle Dog

Blue Heeler / Australian Heeler / Queensland Heeler


            Australian Cattle Dogs are known as the most 
            effecient stock dog breed in the world. Their 
            ease of training requires intermediate experience, 
            they are affectionate, playful and good with 
            children and other dogs. They don't shed year round 
            like most breeds do, so grooming isn't a problem. 

            The average life expectancy is around 12.5 years, the 
            average weight is around 30lbs, and the average height 
            is around 20in. Fur colors can be blue with white specks 
            and brown with white specks. 

            They have been known to be protective of their families  
            and territory, and live the best life with owners who
            give them substantial exercise and lots of training. 
            Since they are working dogs, they are extremely happy 
            when doing work for their owners.
            Australian Cattle Dogs were bred in the ninteenth century speciffically for the purpose of 
            working/herding cattle. They are descendants of a type of collie called a Smithfield. Lots 
            of breeding with different breeds resulted in the Australian Cattle Dog. First, a Smithfield 
            was bred awith an Austrailian dingo and those puppies were bred with Scottish collies which 
            resulted in the breed Hall's Heeler, which was later bred with a Dalmation, those puppies were 
            then bred with Kelpies which resulted in the popular Australian Cattle Dog we have today. The 
            first breed standard was created in 1902, then the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America officially 
            established the breed in the 1960's.
            This breed is generally healthy, but there can be hereditary problems including hip and elbow 
            dysplasia, progressive retinol atrophy, and deafness. 
            More detailed information can be found at American Kennel Club.