Five Dog Breeds


        I have two dogs, one is a boy named Bravo (right picture) and 
        the other is a girl named Rookie (left picture). Dogs are one 
        of my favoirte animals and I've always been interested in them,
        this lead me to always read books or research different dog breeds.  
        I also foster dogs for a shelter called Doggoneseattle. I am 
        interested in being a veternarian, so knowing all that I do about 
        dogs is really helpful. So, I want to show some of my knowledge by 
        talking about five dog breeds that I really like. I'll be giving a 
        description of the breed and a summary of its history. The dogs I'll   
        be talking about are Australian Cattle Dogs, Bully Kuttas, Belgian 
        Malinois, Pharaoh Hounds, and Miniature Shar Peis. 
RookiePic BravoPic